There is no need to ask Google about real estate in Pattaya!

Real estate Pattaya Liberty Group

There is no need to ask Google about real estate in Pattaya!

Why you may ask?

Because our professional manager can answer any of your questions about property in Pattaya and it will take you only couple of minutes to find out any information such as:

  • Which are the most promising condominiums in Pattaya?
  • The best Property to invest the money?
  • Which condominium is better to choose?
  • What documents you may need needed to buy property?
  • What are the ways to make transactions from abroad to buy or to sell Condominium?
  • Can I buy an apartment from abroad?
  • What guarantees my investment?
  • Can I sell my apartment? What is the best way to do it?
  • Who will be the owner of my apartment?
  • What kind of visa do I needed to buy an apartment?
  • Do I need a bank account?
  • Is it easier to buy an apartment directly from the developer?

And our agents will show you any condominium or apartment in Pattaya, you can request a free transfer to the showroom or request detailed payment plan as well as pictures, photos, plan of the apartment or any other information!

Do not waste your time for searching, and call or message us right now!

(WhatsApp / Viber) +66 (0) 861 393 934

You can trust us!

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